Old Dogs Creative

We build Solutions

Old Dogs Creative has been an idea of ours for a couple of years. We saw a need among businesses and organisations, both local and beyond, to have someone to consult with about their digital world. Most businesses struggle to find the time to handle all the facets of being online, so they need people they can trust to take some of the load.
We are based in Townsville Australia but we are happy to provide our services to wherever we are needed.

Why Old Dogs Creative? We thought long and hard about a business name and this sort of clicked.


We like to make things that work. Coming up with an idea to solve someone’s problem is just the start. The process of working together to build the solution that fits the need is the reward. Oh and getting paid by a happy client helps too.


All businesses are different. Everyone has a story and we enjoy getting to know our clients and what their dreams are.

The Challenge

Often there is a problem that needs to be solved but it is beyond the simple solution. This is where the skills obtained over many years comes to the fore. The ability to critically analyse the problem and then take the steps find the reason for the problem and fix it are the skills Graham has developed from years of experience.  What challenge do you have?

Graham trained as an electrician, followed by many years experience in software development in the broadcast television industry. The opportunity to develop software and systems to meet the needs of others has been a rewarding experience and valued by all parties involved. 
Family and football (soccer) are Graham’s passions, but spending time with the grand-kids is something he values the most.

Barbie’s career in computing started when working as an office girl for a local accounting firm. The introduction of a “Computer” opened up a whole new world.
Now Barbie’s administration skills help keep Old Dogs Creative running smoothly, and her creativity brings ideas to life.
Sewing, gardening and creating, but always time for family.